New Album 'Offline' is now available.

From energized rock beats into funk grooves and spaced out atmospheres,
BNJ presents something different that will leave a mark on any audience.



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"Offline is a very versatile album, I probably don't lean too far out of the window when I say that no two songs are the same here. Nevertheless, Buckets N Joints offer a common thread, handmade, first-class music, rock, funky, thoughtful, deep, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, but always at a very high level." Zoom Lab







Buckets N Joints is an alternative rock band that started in 2012.

These past years the band has made quite a journey by playing shows all around Israel and abroad Making a big impact wherever they play on any type of audience.

On their way to release the band's first full album recorded in Austria by “Lords Of The Sounds” and produced by the band.

The band performed more than 80 Shows a year and for more than the last 6 years all over Israel and toured on Stages across Germany and Russia.
These days, the band is managed and promoted by “Firefox Musikverlag” in Germany.


In May 2015, the band released their first EP “Safe By Release” which includes 5 songs produced by the band themselves.

They are heavy influenced by the 90’s era, bands such as: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Radiohead, Guns N Roses and Muse…

Their first single was “On The Ground”, which had been “Song of the Week” at a highly recognized radio station in Israel - “88FM” and by NRG magazine as “Most Invested Music Video of the Year”.


Their second single “OMG” got intensive radio play all around Israel.

OMG music video took part on “SXSW” Music Festival by “WIX Music”.

The third single from the band called "Safe By Release", like the name of the EP.

The band took place in venues and events throughout Israel - including the White Night Festivals, October-Fest, Winter Scream and the GoldStar Festival in Haifa.


In addition - In late 2016, Buckets N Joints performed 6 concerts across Germany.

In summer of 2018, the band performed in "Dobrofest" festival in Russia and followed it with a tour in Moscow. The band made a name for themselves in the rock music scene of Russia.

After two great tours in Germany in 2019, the band will soon embark on another tour in Germany on summer 2020 to promote their First full album called “Offline”, which was released on October 25th 2019.

New Album “Offline” is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play, and all music platforms! 

Band Members:

Royi Dalal – Vocals | Gal Barzilay – Guitar | Roee Cohen – Bass | Omer Simchi – Drums



Management & Publishing World Wide
"Firefox Music"

Firefox Musikverlag | Margret Tausch | +49(0) 176554 98029

Management & Booking Israel
Roee Cohen | | +972 54 6554043 

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